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From locking 1/2 cabinets to custom private multi-mega watt suite solutions, we will custom-tailor a colocation solution to match your unique IT requirements.


We understand that there are many choices for companies requiring data center space, ranging from mission critical to lab space. However, not all IT loads are created equal, and hybrid solutions are demanded from our clients. Our team will work with you to understand your exact requirements and only then we'll craft the right solution for you. Our data centers are built around flexible configuration of standardized components, such as: same size UPS systems, generators, CRAH units down to the smallest circuits that we deploy (30A/208V=6KW), and all of our circuits have built in branch circuit monitoring. This allows for common inventory parts, simplicity in design which result in lower operational costs for us, and savings for our clients. We can deploy a private suite utilizing these common components.

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