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We are carrier neutral and can provide affordable cross connects to any carrier in our facilities or nearby data centers.

Our colocation cabinet and cage solutions are backed by CentralColo’s 100% Up-time Service Level  Agreement (SLA), covering all key elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability and service credits. Note: The SLA relates to the use of products and services offered by CentralColo. Up-time commitments shall not apply during the initial two weeks after each installation or material alteration.

If CentralColo fails to meet the relevant up-time commitments set forth in the SLA, you may request a credit. Upon verification, we will credit your account as outlined in your SLA. You may request a copy of our 100% Data Center Uptime SLA at any time.


Connect to other colocation customers and tap into CentralColo’s outstanding ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks and service providers – all to make sure you’re leveraging the most highly redundant, highly available data center solutions from the most premier infrastructure providers in the area.

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