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Potential for the Future: Colocation and Saas

Potential for the Future: Colocation and Saas

The way data moves is changing rapidly. After years of data center technology staying largely the same, the pace has quickened significantly with the introduction of the cloud. With companies and private users alike consuming more data, its storage has to change as well. To deal with consumption, infrastructure has to be used to the maximum. This has led to virtualization becoming the standard. Another major change on the horizon is the use of SaaS or software as a service to further personalize and automate the data storage experience.

With the introduction of software as a service, companies can seek flexibility in their technological needs. They can tailor their package to their individual needs, meshing more fluidly the world of hardware and software, as well as allowing for more remote access. One step above virtualization, allowing companies to define how they structure their data will change the field of data into a much more dynamic one. While this requires even more expertise from IT teams, it also provides a sleek, minimalistic approach to big data.

This is a huge opportunity for colocation. Colocation already leads the data infrastructure world as the choice for superior service, quick uptime, professional management, and flexible packages. With data centers potentially being run by software, colocation will be able to provide even more tailor-made experiences. It can also position in-house and out-house IT teams to work together to create the ideal structure for the business.

After many years of slow innovation, the data center world should be ready to change with the times. While it has succeeded in some sense to include the cloud through hybrid solutions, it has a ways to go. With virtualization succeeding on a wide scale in changing the movement and breakdown of data, it is now Saas’s time to take things even further.

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