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New Trends as Data Grows

New Trends as Data Grows

The data center field is shifting and changing at a remarkable speed. In the next few years, data usage will shift dramatically. With the upsurge of usage, the demand will grow larger. Data storage will move from the shadows of large corporations into the spotlight.

The center stage position will require data storage solutions to be highly aware of world politics. With the skyrocketing of cloud computing, international options are becoming more and more likely. Hubs like silicon valley and Northern Virginia will have to provide superior service or find themselves dealing with competition across borders.  This is partly due to the changes in governmental administration, and with the changes in policy when it comes to taxing brackets and optimization. Brexit and its effects on the EU will also have an impact on the European market, which until now has been growing rapidly. So while demand grows and data becomes ever more mobile, politics still will affect the location and growth of the world’s major hotspots.

While both supply and demand race forward at high speed, new data solutions and young companies will find the field not the easiest to break into. In 2016, leaders in the field consolidated their assets by focusing on mergers and acquisitions.  Cloud in particular is being run by behemoths in the industry. These companies are even becoming recognizable household names. This is no surprise, as data facilities are expected to triple in the next 5 years. It will remain to be seen how new companies rise to the challenge, either by providing more specific data design or offering higher quality boutique services.

Pricing models are also bound to change with the times. Companies will pay more attention to industry leaders, most likely reducing prices to provide more data. Wholesale pricing may rise significantly, to meet the new players on the market. This will be a big change for the relatively stable cost of data.

What do you think are the next trends in data storage?


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