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We were founded in the valley, our home is the valley and we are proud community members. Our founder launched one of the first public ISPs in 1993. We are first and foremost engineers, and design and operational integrity carries more weight than sales & marketing. For us, a relationship is far more important than a contract, and we look to enable our startup clients, ranging from offering free services to helping them realize their dreams.


Its all about relationships

Success is achieved when both parties win.  Long term relationships are more important than short term profits.


After years of being in the business in Silicon Valley, we have learned that the most important recipe for success is good relationships. Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to work with top level professionals, key decision-makers and good friends which have allowed us to achieve levels of success beyond our expectations. Over the years, we have learned and grown with those around us, and have formed relationships where each side helps the other. We want to make sure that the environment of growth, support, and mentoring continues, and will hopefully fertilize the next billion dollar company.


Digital media organizations are primary users of cloud computing services. However, they may frequently find themselves locked into a supplier that lacks the resources to provide for their ever changing needs. CentralColo’s Open Cloud Exchange gives you an on-ramp to the cloud by providing you with easy access to multiple, best-of-breed cloud service providers that can meet your unique content delivery requirements.

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