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The High Density Approach

The High Density Approach

As the cloud grows ever bigger, data centers are struggling to make up for the space needed to properly support it. At the same time, computers are doing ever more processing. Instead of using to opportunity to take advantage of the maximum rack space usage, the industry by and large is taking a conservative approach. Rather than turn to densifying and then working on logistics, they are typically choosing to expand.

This may be a mistake. While daunting in terms of finding proper cooling solutions, this can be solved in most cases. In fact, creative cooling solutions like waste water usage and lower watt cooling are getting a good reputation, and being employed on the regular. Companies are showing a lot more willingness to put more equipment into smaller spaces, despite what was the norm, to answer their data needs. IT managers are becoming more creative and are coming to the table to try higher density solutions.

Colocation facilities are leading the charge when it comes to higher density solutions. The most flexible data center structure, colocation like CentralColo actively seeks to both address growing data needs and changing client expectations. This makes them leaders in innovative solutions. The density frontier is being pushed by these companies, and the results are very good.

With excellent infrastructure in place as well as highly experienced internal IT teams, colocation is able to guarantee and provide top notch backup which would prevent any issue with high density data storage. Particularly because traditionally data centers have taken a conservative approach and not filled cabinets to capacity, now is the time to explore the limits and push high density solutions.


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