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12MW flexible

Available in both N+1 and 2N configuration

Dual Power Feeds

Power provided by PG&E via two 12.47KV feeders/substation

14MW of Backup Power

Seven (7) 2MW backup diesel generators with 10,000-gallon tanks

Raised Floor

All power and electrical distribution under raised floor.


Full Office Amenities

Open to all of our clients

Flexible Space

You can easily from with us, from 1 rack to your own cage

24/7/365 Staffed

Our specialists are standing by to address any issues that you have.

Carrier Neutral Facility

Instant access to our bandwidth partners.


Cold Aisle Containment

To keep everything running at the opportune temperature and efficiency.

Distributed Cooling

Delivered across 34 CRAH cooling units for N+1

Cooling Distribution

Through raised flooring for optimum air flow.

Centralized Chillers

Moves coolant throughout our multi-zoned facility

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